19 Jul 2018

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Quick and Easy Semolina Muffins - Eggless and made in cooker

Many of you asked me recipe of semolina muffins I made yesterday. I made them on the go without any measurements and they came out nicely, although today I tried with measurements so that I could write this post. I made sweet muffins which were more of a twisted version of @alisha_o408 Alisha's Rasoi Recipe Of Vanilla Choco Chip cake. Moreover I made them in cooker so I don't know how they will fair in microwave or oven but they won't take much time to cook hardly 5 minutes 🙈, also when using a microwave use the microwave safe moulds. 

Ingredients for four small muffins

  • 1/4 cup condensed milk (if you don't have condensed milk take 1/3 cup water and add 3 teaspoon powdered sugar)
  • 1/4 cup water (just enough to make the milk runny) 
  • 3 teaspoon cooking oil/ or melted butter
  • 1/2 cup semolina, preferably chiroti suji
  • 2 - 3 teaspoon all purpose flour
  • 1/4 tbsp each baking soda and baking powder

1) Mix condensed milk, and water together. Don't add much water else batter will be runny.
2) Pour in the semolina and mix well, without forming lumps
3) Add the oil and mix well. Mix in all purpose flour if you feel the batter is runny. 2 teaspoon is enough for this recipe.
4) Keep aside for 5-7 minutes.
5) Preheat a small cooker for 5-7 minutes on medium flame by removing the ring and whistle.
6) Line the muffin moulds with oil first and then drizzle the flour onto it.
7) Seive in baking soda and baking powder and mix well.
8) Pour batter in each mould, fill around 2/3 of each mould
9) Open tell cooker and keep a stand inside and arrange moulds inside. Take due care not to burn your ✋
10) Heat on medium flame for 10-15 minutes. Check the muffins by inserting a tooth pick.
11) Remove and garnish

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17 Jul 2018

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Vedantika Instant Glow Mask, fails to deliver!

Hi Skincare buddies,

How often do we buy a product by checking it's name? Most often right? Sometimes products do fail to deliver the purpose they are meant to be served. Also not all products suit everyone so before posting this review I would like to let you know am sharing my experience here to just let you know that I don't like all products the products I receive as a PR sample or the ones I buy. Today's review is about a product which not only failed to deliver the purpose but also made my skin dry and stretchy.

Brand Claims and Ingredients

My experience
I like the simple packaging of the product which is not only travel friendly but also easy to use. The product has a twist up detachable cap with an inner lid to prevent spillage of powder. The transparent body of the product also makes it easy to see through the quantity. Am happy with the packaging and labelling part of the product.

Coming to the texture of the powder it is soft, fine multani mitti with some small granules which are tiny enough to provide a good scrub on face. The face mask gets easily mixed with water and application is a bit tricky still. 

Now coming to the efficiency part of the product, the product fails to deliver a glow to the face. Secondly it causes excessive dryness to the skin and gives a stretchy feeling to the skin. I used the face mask with normal water, rose water, milk and still it performed the same way. I also tried applying a thin layer to see if it doesn't give dryness, but it failed. I tried applying a thick layer to test it's glow claims, but as the face mask started to dry it gave me very itchy feeling in the skin and I ended up scratching my skin before a wash off. The only thing I like about this face mask is the cooling effect it gives due to the presence of camphor in it. Also sometimes the effect is so cooling that my skin ends up feeling numb for few minutes. 

Vedantika Instant Glow Mask just does a job of cleaning the skin and removing the skin sebum, which leaves the skin dry. All I could notice was clean skin which a normal diy face pack also gives. The face pack is majorly made up of multani mitti and doesn't serve the purpose of being a glowing face mask at all. Overall speaking a very disappointing product for me.

Price, Shelf life and Availablility - 250 INR for 70 gms with a shelf life of 18 months. Available on major shopping portals.

Vedantika Instant Glow Mask fails to give a glow to the skin, instead it ends up drying the skin and gives an itchy feeling while it dries up in application. Also since I have oily skin, I think it might be useful in summers. I would suggest other skin types to stay away from this face mask. Also I received this as a PR sample, so am going to use this as a body cleanser or powder cleanser on face once in a while. Imagine the dismay had I purchased it 😥.

*PR sample
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13 Jul 2018

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Life and Pursuits Soak in Goodness Body Lotion Review


Today's review is about a new brand Life and Pursuits. The brand offers certified organic and natural child and family care products. Their products are duly certified by USDA and NATRUE, the most stringent and reputed organic certification programs globally (some products are USDA certified and some are NATRUE certified and some products have both the certifications). So coming back to the product review, I was sent Soak In Goodness body lotion for review and after using it sufficiently here am reviewing it for you all.

Brand claims and Ingredien

My experience
The product is housed in a tube with a flip cap top and this makes it very easy to carry for travelling and plus no fear of contamination. The flip top cap and everything else works just fine with the product.

Coming to the consistency and texture if the lotion, the consistency is very runny, watery and texture is smooth and soft. The colour of the lotion is light yellow with a hue of orange, which resembles like chandan or almond paste in milk, yes it's that authentic. The fragrance is more like sunflower oil, which upon application is more prominent and fades immediately after a couple of minutes. Of course if you apply in large quantity, this being a body lotion, it make take some time to fade away. I don't have any problem with the consistency of the product, even if it's runny, for that please read ahead.

The product is a body lotion, which can even be used on face too. Now, I like such products which serve dual purpose job, literally I mean you save on money, you save on time, you save on your luggage space while travelling 🤷. I have used the product both ways like a lotion as well as a face moisturizer. The lotion takes time to sink in the body and leaves a watery residue for a couple of minutes. Whereas when using it as a face moisturizer, it instantly gets absorbed in the skin without any watery, oily, greasy residue on face. It gets absorbed in seconds and after an hour or so you won't even feel like you had applied anything on your face.

Coming to the effect of lotion, it is more of hydrating than moisturizing lotion for both face as well as body. I especially like this fact when I use it as a face moisturizer. Just a pea sized amount is enough for moisturizing my face. To be honest most of the times I reach out to this to apply on face. After applying on the face, it gives a nicely toned, soft and smooth skin. It can even be used in layering of skincare (if at all you like it) since it is barely there when you apply it. I haven't had any breakouts while using this.

Coming to the consistency discussed earlier, the consistency is what makes the product so light and eases it's absroption in the skin. Although yes when we open the cap the lotion immediately oozes out, but this is what makes the lotion light weight and there is no point in expecting it be thick in tube and light on skin at the same time. But yes product wastage does break heart, I know, but extra product can be easily lathered on face or body when applying vice versa. Overall a good body lotion which is certified organic and best suited for oily, acne prone skin. This product is NATRUE certified.

Price, Shelf life and Availablility - 600 INR for 100 ml with a shelf life of one year. Available on Amazon and brand website.

If you are into organic or certified skincare then you should try this one. Life and Pursuits Soak in Goodness is a good lotion for oily, acne prone skin which is a multi tasker too. It is more of hydrating lotion and can be easily fit into your layering skincare routine. The light weight consistency makes the product ooze out from the tube but since it a multi utility one excess can definitely be slathered on body or face ♥️. Grab this if you have oily acne prone skin and are looking for a basic moisturizer as well as a hydrating lotion.

*PR sample
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2 Jul 2018

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Plum Green Tea Clear Mask Review

Hello Skincare buddies,

We often hear about some products from a Brand which are best sellers and are much raved about. Today we are talking about one such raved product, Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask. I have read a lot of good reviews about this one and decided to pick one, so when Plum was having a sale last December I picked up the whole Green Tea Range (except the gel). Now coming to my current skin condition, I thought of using my foaming cleansers and gave up on using powder cleansers for 2 weeks. I immediately had two cystic acne on my face 😣. So I treated the acne with the mask now and had also used it earlier when I didn't follow my skincare routine due to my fractured leg. 

Brand Claims and Ingredients 

My experience
The mask is housed in a glass jar, and a bit non travel friendly. Nonetheless the jar is classy and luxurious looking. I like the packaging though. The face mask is beige in colour and has a refreshing fragrance. Almost all of Plum's Green Tea Range has similar fragrance. The face mask is easy to apply and spreads easily on the face.

Now coming to the experience, when I applied the face mask for the first time, it cleansed my pores thoroughly well and after washing off my face I was sweating, so you can say the mask cleansed my skin pretty well. After that I used the mask on and off. 

After keeping the face mask for a pretty 10-15 minutes I could see well cleansed, bright skin. Moreover it also makes small zits disappear immediately. Recently when I had two cystic acne I used this face mask and it immediately reduced the size and pain of cystic acne. I even used it as spot treatment and that worked all too. The skin instantly becomes smooth, soft, clean and bright. The mask when used after some days gives a bit of tingling sensation, hut it's all because of the glycolic acid it has which is beneficial for acne prone skin. Also beauties who have sensitive skin might find this a bit irritating mask, as it gives a little burning sensation. I am saying this as I had some burning sensation near my sensitive nose area. 

The In
  • Contains Kaolin, Bentonite, Green Tea extracts, glycolic acid
  • Spreads easily and gets washed off easily
  • Doesn't dry out the skin
  • Treats cystic acne as well as zits amazingly well
  • Makes the skin soft, smooth and clean post usage
  • Cleanses the pores well
  • Works as full face mask as well as spot treatment

The Out
  • The fragrance might be a problem for sensitive skin
I would totally recommend the Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask for beauties who often get breakouts. This is a perfect remedy for treating acne, cystic as well as well as zits. Moreover, it also works well as a full face mask and spot treatment. What more can one ask for? Some might feel it as a bub over priced but all I would say is, the price is worth the product plus it's often on discounts. As far as my recommendation and repurchase is concerned I have already grabbed two Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask from Amazon, need I say more?! ♥️
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27 Jun 2018

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Skincare Empties #9


So as I write this post am really patting my back as I have emptied another set of products. I am actually making room for some new products as well as different brands whenever I post an empties list. But this time I have emptied some products which had been in my shelf from a long time. Let's head to the list and see what all is worth repurchasing. Please note my empty post aren't monthly, rather they take couple of months to be emptied.

Ethicare Remedies Glowmed Face Wash
I find this face wash good to work on my acne, but since I used it just once a day I cannot guarantee how it will work on severe acne issues. Sometime I also find this face wash a bit drying. Also if the face wash gets stuck near the nozzle of the tube it forms a glue like thing and it gets difficult to dispense product next time. I cannot say this isn't worth buying or is a must buy. I have neutral views about this.

I like how this product works as a mild scrub while removing dead skin cells. Also it works great as a face pack too. I do feel the product is a bit pricey according to the amount we get. If you like using powder cleansers, they give this a try. 

Sova Chamomile And Coorgi Narangi Body Wash
The fragrance of this body wash is really amazing! The body wash in itself is great as it doesn't dry out the body skin and instantly refreshes the skin. It foams quite well and is truly a spa like product. The sample size lasted me around 3 weeks and you can imagine how the full size product will last then 🤗. I really liked this body wash and if you loke using body washes give this a go!

Soulflower Rosemary Essential oil
Yes, you read it right! I have actually emptied an essential oil which I have been using from the past one and half years. I basically bought this one to tackle my hair loss and it actually worked for me from first use itself. Although now after emptying my bottle, I have stopped using this and am trying some new products for hair growth and hair care.

Oh yes, emptying an under eye cream is such a task, that too 50gm size one! I have used it as a face cream, as a massage cream and as a body cream. It works quite well in hydrating and moisturising the under eye area. I like using this as a face cream and body cream too. It doesn't work well when used a massage cream as it didn't get absorbed that well into the skin as a massage cream does. But since it isn't formulated that way it rather it isn't the creams hob to double up as a massage cream also, I don't have any complaints. Also a small amount of cream I have shifted to a jar to be used as an ybder eye cream. Good to go cream, but people with severe acne prone skin (plus who have a problem with isopropyl mystriate) can skip this as it has isopropyl mystriate as a major ingredient.

W2 Cranberry Hydrating Body Spa
Another good body wash to give it a try. It smells like cranberry, but honestly speaking I don't know the fragrance of cranberry so am assuming it. This body wash leaves the skin soft and smooth, so much so that you might go that extra mile in rinsing thinking some body wash residue is left on your hands and legs. Some may find thefragcabe bothering but it immediately fades away after the shower.

I like the after effects of the pack, as it gives even toned skin, clear, bright and radian look. While shifting my home few months back my mom was here with me and she tried this facepack. She was so impressed with the after effects, am soon buying this one after a few weeks. Out of all the above mentioned products I would label this product as a worth buy and repurchase for me.

Apart from above list I have some products which are almost empty, but then I decided to a separate empties post next month and hence haven't included them here. So I hope you all find this post helpful and do comment your views on this.
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20 Jun 2018

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How I am using Multiple Facial Oils at a time?

Some days back my dear friend Urbi sent me some Kama Ayurveda samples to try out. The one product which has really impressed me is Nalparamadi Skin Brightening and Lightening Oil. I have used it quite a few times as per the directions of usage and I am happy with the results. Now you will be thinking we are talking about multiple facial oils and what am I talking about is Kama Ayurveda oil??😑. Right! 

Coming back to the post, Kama Ayurveda Nalparamadi Thailam needs to be washed off after half and hour and that's how the lazy person in me applied it on the areas of concern (read areas of pigmentation) on my face as an overnight treatment. After that I thought why not try out some other facial oils on different parts of my face. That's how my experiment started and after 3 weeks of experimenting I am sharing my experience. This is something similar to multi masking wherein we apply a mask according to the skin problems and make the most of the masking routine.
I chose other two oils which are Prakrta Serum Of Youth and Bio Bloom Facial Oil. Now you might say how and why I have chosen these oils. I would say I have tried to compile every question and query in the post, so let's head straight to the next section.

Bio Bloom Facial Oil I picked up on the recommendation of Shalini, a beauty blogger I actually adore and respect. I used the facial oil for around 2 weeks only to find out it tightened the skin on my cheeks where I have acne marks and acne scars. If you have been through bad acne phase you might be knowing the acne hole sort of thing wherein the area where once acne was, gets deflated and results in uneven skin tone. I was happy with the results of BioBloom Facial Oil. 

Coming to the Prakrta Serum Of Youth oil I have used the oil several times and have even reviewed it on the blog. Prakrta Serum Of Youth gives bright, glowing skin with regular usage. Coming to Kama Ayurveda Nalparamadi Thailam it reduces pigmentation and acne marks right from first usage and gives amazing results within few weeks. So one day I tried using all these facial oils on different parts of my face and am happy with the results. I apply facial oils according to the concern areas of the skin as an overnight treatment.

How I apply Multiple Facial oils at a time?
1) I apply Kama Ayurveda Nalparamadi Thailam on the areas of pigmentation that is near my nose, around my mouth.

2) I apply BioBloom Facial Oil on my cheeks where acne scars are more prominent.

3) On my remaining face I apply the Prakrta Serum Of Youth. 

4) I massage each and every oil into the concerned area and leave it as an overnight treatment. I don;t use any oil mentioned above during day time!

How did I choose the oils?
1) Each and every oil mention above I have used as an overall treatment for my skin for a minimum of 3-4 weeks' times.
2) I have gauged the individual oils' effectiveness on my skin. Also each individual oil is good for the skin as a single treatment.

Now you might say these oils suit you and work for you so how do WE do it? I have tired to compile a pointer (not exactly guide, since am not an expert) sort for you to choose and use multiple facial oils at a time 

1) Assess the areas of concern on your face. List down what all you need and which areas to work on.
2) Make a list of Facial oils you have used or which suit you. Test individual facial oil on your face for a minimum of 3 weeks and asses the results.
3) Choose a minimum of two (without that it wouldn't be multiple right) and a maximum of 4 facial oils for usage. Don't go overboard and use many facial oils.
4) Apply the facial oil meant for concerned problem area on your skin. 
5) Don't try any new facial oil in between the multiple facial oils experiment. Or don't try to add any new oil, into the experiment, which you haven't tried earlier. 
6) Do not mix two Facial oils and use as a single one. Each facial oil is a unique combination according to carrier oils with or without essential oils. Some essential oils don't blend well with each other. So don't try to get a full fledged result with two or more oils mixing together.
7) Your skin is unique so try what your skin accepts and loves.

I hope this post helps you in reaching your skincare goals. If you have any questions do comment below and I will answer each of it. Have a happy skin day!
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