26 Apr 2017

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Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème Review

This review is a bit delayed one, since I was travelling during month of February and March. After coming back I had some other products to review and couldn't fully test Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème. But after thoroughly using the crème for one month, regularly, here is my experience.

Brand Claims - Highly restorative night time moisturiser is a blend of natural vitamins and antioxidants, which helps to moisturise and protect the skin. This luxury, moisture rich night crème is clinically proven to help increase cell renewal and assist the skin's natural regeneration process and delay pre mature aging (all skin types)
Special features - this powerful night infusion crème seals in essential vitamins like C, E, K and B6 and minerals for deeply nourished skin. It supports natural cell renewal, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes texture, resulting in a beautiful radiant, youthful looking complexion.

Ingredients (only main ingredients given)

My experience
As you can see in the pictures, the product has a luxurious plastic packaging with a black top. The packaging being bulky in size yet light weight, is a bit non travel friendly. The jar has an inner lid to prevent the spillage of the product. The black top signifies usage for night time, as I also have received a day crème of this range and that has a white top. It becomes really easy this way to identify when you have many products or are in a hurry 😁.

The cream is neither thick nor thin in consistency, it is a combination of gel and cream which makes it easy to absorb into the skin. The cream has a light texture altogether. The cream has a slight grey tint to it, which again signifies night time usage 😁. The product required for each usage is very less, as a result the crème will easily last 2-3 months based on quantity used each day.

The crème has a nice floral fragrance with a subtle citrusy hint which lingers a bit after using at night. As stated earlier the crème gets absorbed easily into the skin and leaves no oily residue or sticky feeling. You will feel rejuvenated after using this crème. The crème instantly plumps up the skin and gives an even toned look to the skin, I love such creams. I have been using this crème for one long month regularly and it hasn't disappointed me.

In the morning the skin becomes as soft as baby skin and feels rejuvenated. The crème gives an even toned look to the skin due to it's Uber moisturising properties. Due to regular usage my skin has become radiant and soft. However I feel the crème formula may not be enough for dry skin, as dry skin needs more emollient night cream. The crème didn't break me out or didn't even cause any tingling sensation to my sensitive nose area. Some creams and scrubs give a burning sensation to my nose area and am glad this one is not one of them.

Now, the major concern of all, the high price point 😶.  Considering the high price point I would not say it's a must buy, but if you are looking for a luxurious skin care then do give it a try. I wouldn't however repurchase this one due to high price.

The In

  • Vegan, Non comedogenic, Hypo allergenic
  • Light weight formula gets absorbed quickly
  • Doesn't make skin oily or greasy
  • Makes the skin Uber soft and smooth
  • Gives even toned skin tone
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation while making it radiant
  • PETA Certified, Buav Certified
  • Cruelty free, Paraben free

The Out

  • High price point
  • Only main Ingredients listed
  • Bulky packaging

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 2450 INR for 50 gms with a shelf life of 1 and half year. Available on major shopping portals like here

Recommendation -
Considering the high price point I would not say it's a must buy, but if you are looking for a luxurious skin care then do give it a try. You would definitely have to grab this one if it's on discount. I wouldn't however repurchase this one keeping in mind the price. It will definitely give good results with respect to regular usage.

*PR sample
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20 Apr 2017

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Handloom Sarees of Chanderi

India has a rich cultural heritage, right from the festivals, food, languages, India is a true example of unity in diversity. According to the regions, the apparels are worn also vary across the country. But one apparel doesn't change and that is a saree, although the style of wearing a saree may change depending on the region.

To top them all, handloom sarees in India have a charm of their own. Basically, a handloom is a machine used for weaving, so a handloom saree is a saree made by weavers on a machine by hand. You can check this video to get an idea of how that's done. Although many types of looms are involved in making a handloom saree.


Handloom sarees is a traditional, ancient textile art of India. Handloom is a family tradition to weavers of India for whom handloom sarees is their bread and butter. Each region of India has a peculiar handloom saree which is unique in terms of the yarn or warps and wefts used for making the saree as well as the design and motifs used. But we will not go deeper into all types of handloom sarees but would rather know more about Chanderi sarees.


Whenever I hear the word handloom the next word that comes to my mind is a saree. As stated earlier, saree has been worn by Indian women since ages and it adds to the beauty of an Indian woman. I remember my Mom's first handloom saree that is a Chanderi saree which was orange in color. Way long back as a kid, I used to believe that since it had a golden zari, it's called Chanderi 😜. Now so many years later I know how dumb I was ☹️.


Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh is known for its handloom sarees, hence the name Chanderi sarees. Handloom sarees from Chanderi are famous for the mix of silk and cotton. Chanderi sarees produced use three kinds of fabrics, pure silk, cotton silk and Chanderi cotton. Before Industrial revolution, weavers used to make Chanderi sarees out of hand spun cotton. After 1930, they discovered Japanese silk which later was inculcated in warps of cotton sarees.

Chanderi sarees have distinguishing light-weight, glossy feel, and transparent texture. The motifs are uniquely made up mostly of geometric shapes, peacocks, flowers and traditional coins. The zari is golden or silver made up of fine silk.

The weavers of handloom sarees are indeed our heritage who put in long, pain-staking efforts of making each handloom saree a masterpiece. Did you know handloom sector is second largest economic activity after agriculture? It is important to preserve our heritage of handloom sarees which is diminishing with the onset of machine prints and ever evolving technology. Hope I was able to provide the right information about handloom sarees and especially about Chanderi sarees.
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19 Apr 2017

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Currently loving Zaful Stuff

Firstly this is a long pending post from my order with Zaful for Xmas. Some items arrived as late as in January and till that time, I forgot that I had kept all the items received for future use. However as they say better late than never, so here's what all I got from my Xmas wishlist.

I had ordered two leather pouches, one t-shirt and two earrings. If you know that I totally love studs you won't be surprised by this. This time the products u have received are of superior quality. I had just shopped once from Zaful before this, but this time I am amazed by the quality of studs and leather pouches.  The t-shirt is of okay quality, but nothing which you cannot wear for a light walk around the garden.

Leather pouches (Leather Owl Print Zip Around Wallet)
The leather pouches quality is amazing, they have two compartments and a small zip section to keep changes or coin. However the pouch cannot accommodate mobile phone and change simultaneously. Still I would rate it a good one as we carry wallet in our vanity bag. One beige colored pouch I gifted to my friend on her Xmas Eve party so that's missing in the picture.

Studs (Diamond Earrings and Rhinestoned Christmas Snowflake Hoop Earrings)
Both the studs look as if they are made up of silver with real diamonds, sadly they aren't 😛. The stone quality is good and I particularly love the Snowflake one more than the diamond one.

T-shirt (Striped Patchwork Asymmetric T-Shirt)
As said earlier the t shirt is not of that good quality but it's okay. I loved wearing it during my evening walks to garden with my son. Light weight and easy to maintain. I ordered it as I loved the colour combination and stipe work on it.

So this was my Xmas wishlist from Zaful which I received in two installments, one arrived with beige pouch and earrings, whereas one arrived 3 weeks alter with t-shirt and black pouch. Overall am happy with the quality stuff Zaful.com provides.

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4 Skincare Essentials to Stock up this Summer Season

Hi All,

How's the summer treating you or should I ask your city 😣? Here in Bangalore it's hot as hell and never had been Bangalore so much harsh in terms of summers. Anyways, let the sun rise, we better be ready with our skincare Army to battle the summer woes. I have made a list of must-have summer skincare essentials and also the best places to buy them at discounted rates.

With the sun being harsh this year, one shouldn't forget to stock up on this number of Skincare Essential in our list. Choose a sunscreen which suits your skin as well as the one with right SPF. Remember right SPF provides the right protection. I have committed the mistake of not using sunscreen in my late 20s and I already have freckles on my face. I sometimes buy sunscreens from Big Basket and you can even save some money by using some Big Basket Coupons

Face and Body Mists
I thoroughly love using face mists (floral waters), although I haven't officially bought any face mist. I call my florals waters as face mists 😛. Face and Body Mists exude a nice fragrance as you sweat and are apt to keep away the sweaty fragrance. Long back I ditched toners and my skin is totally loving it and making it even more evident by showing up lesser breakouts than usual. Nykaa has a nice collection of face and body mists from Fab India, Natural Bath and Body, Yves Rocher to name a few. Get your Face and Body Mists at a discounted rate with Nykaa Coupons

Face packs
If you follow my blog you might know how much I love using face packs or masks 😁. Face packs help reduce the excess sebum secretion while rejuvenating the skin. Clay based face packs are preferred during summers by most of the oily skinned beauties. My goto place for buying face packs is Amazon as my favorite brand Auravedic is always on discount only (and only!) Amazon. Apart from that, I enjoy using Burst of Happyness clay cleanser and Detox Mask. Both the brands are equally good and I usually buy them using Amazon Coupons.

Don't commit the mistake of ditching moisturisers during summers, rather choose a light moisturiser if you oily skin. With the winter moisturisers still in the stash, you won't even feel like using them. Some light weight moisturisers might help you get back on track. I had shopped with Aplava last year and had a good experience with their customer care when my order had faced a problem. They have a nice range of moisturisers along with some international brand. What's more? You can even save some fancy amount of bucks using these Aplava Coupons

I haven't included foaming face washes as I have already switched to powder face washes (more on that, in next post) and my skin is totally loving the change so stay tuned for next couple of posts. As of now, make the most, of the coupons mentioned above and yes also don't forget to check out couponsji.in site for amazing coupons. A penny saved is a penny earned after all 😁😁😁.
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14 Apr 2017

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DIY Rose Coffee Face and Body Scrub

Hello All,

How's the summer treating you all? I know this year it's been really hot as compared to previous years, atleast here in Bangalore. Coming back to the post today am sharing a recipe of a delicious scrub which can also double up as a face scrub and it's very easy to make with just 4 ingredients.

If you are following my Instagram page you would have seen a story of coffee + rose infused oil a few days back. After making the oil via a hot process, all remained was some rose petals and coffee with a bit of oil. So I thought why not use it since the coffee and rose petals were all organic. I used edible olive oil so that too was a bit costly and I thought why waste 😁😜.

I also added some oats flour (rolled oats flour) for some binding of scrub. Here goes the recipe of the Rose and coffee scrub by Skincare Villa 😁😁😁

1) Handful of Dried Rose Petals
2) Half tbsp of organic coffee
3) Edible Olive oil ( you can use Almond Oil, Grapeseed oil or even better Jojoba oil)
4) Oats flour (half tbsp)


  1. First take the rose petals and churn them out into smaller pieces in a mixer or coffee grinder. The petals would be of any size as per your choice. I have made a fine powder sort with some small chunks.
  2. Make the oil a little warm not too hot and add rose petals and coffee powder to it.
  3. Let the mixture sit for around 4-5 hours
  4. Now add Oats flour and again mix well. If needed churn the mixture once again on slow speed so that all ingredients mix well
  5. Let the scrub rest for 4-5 days in a closed jar. If you feel the rose petals are dry still add some 3-4 drops of oil to it.
  6. Add some water to the scrub and use on your face and body. You will immediately see a glow and softness in your skin.


  • Do not let water enter the jar.
  • The recipe can be easily customized according to your choice and ingredients available.
  • Can also double up as a face mask 😁😁😁😁

PS - We are up for orders of Rosé Turmeric Cleanser after a thorough testing of 2 weeks (used daily)
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13 Apr 2017


The Best Evening Gowns for The Best Ocassions

Wedding is one of the most important days in anyone's life and looking best on this day is very important. Everyone's attention is focused on the bride as well as the groom. Let's take a look at some long formal dresses from mubridal.com.au which help you in looking best on your special occasions. They have a host of variety in high neck, V neck, mermaid dresses and long formal dresses.

Go Green
Pantone colour of the year 2017, this one will make you stand out from the crowd and as well as imbibe a message of Go Green. Let's not talk about people who will go Green with envy after seeing this stunning piece.

Sweet Pink
Pinks can be perfect choice for you if you want to look sweet and coy. Moreover it was the Pantone colour of the year 2016 and the fashion industry was swooning over this classic colour.

Beached Blue
Blue is often associated with calmness and serenity. Blue has hues ranging from dark to light and all look good. Often this colour is associated with fairly tales, eg - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa. A classic bun goes perfectly well with blue gowns.

What is your pick from long formal dresses Australia?

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