13 Feb 2017

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VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm Review

I am always on the lookout of a good tinted lip balm because I am not at all comfortable wearing a lipstick. I rarely wear a lipstick, last being 4 and half years ago during my marriage. Anyways, a tinted lip balm goes a long way in moisturization as well as hiding the pigmented lips while leaving a little stain behind. Today's review is about VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm.

Brand claims and Ingredients

My experience
The packaging is a twist up mechanism lip balm with a transparent top cover. The cap fits in and you can easily carry around this lip balm. The twist up mechanism also works perfectly, which is a major concern of all girls. Expiry date is printed on lip balm, so we don't need to preserve the packaging as we need to do with Maybelline ones πŸ˜›. The lip balm also bears all the information except brand claims (not like MaybellineπŸ˜›). For those who feel key ingredients don't have sunscreen mentioned it's benzophenone-3

The lip balm glides amazingly on the lips while leaving a faint cherry colour on the lips. The lip balm is not at all waxy rather being more on the buttery side. You need just one swipe for soft, smooth lips. If you are looking for some intense colour then you might be a bit disappointed. However the brand doesn't claim to give an intense colour so that's not a problem.

The fragrance of the lip balm is almost negligible. If you sniff the lip balm directly it will be a bit cherry sort of fragrance. After application the fragrance fades away and I like things which don't have much fragrance. The lip balm moisturises for around 4-5 hours and makes the lips soft and smooth. The lips appear hydrated and reapplication is needed after 5 hours. The colour however lasts less than even 1 hour. But since the brand doesn't claim any wear time, it shouldn't be a concern.

The In
  • Contains Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Vitamin E
  • Nice cherry coloured lip balm
  • Has SPF 15
  • Gives a glossy shine to the lips
  • Moisturises for 4-5 hours after which reapplication is needed
  • Makes lips soft and smooth from first use itself
  • Affordable price and travel friendly
  • No need to check package for expiry date and ingredients

The Out
  • Only key ingredients mentioned
Price, Shelf life and Availability
125 INR for 4.5 gms with a use before date of 8/2019. Easily available online as well as in stores.

If you are looking for an affordable lip balm with tint then VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry lip balm is for you. I like the fact that expiry date is printed on lip balm as preserving the package for expiry date is not my thing. Also the lip balm does it jib perfectly while leaving a tint behind. However SPF ingredients in key ingredients must be specified and full ingredients also.

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12 Feb 2017

DIY Oats Almond Cleanser, Facemask All in one recipe

We all love budget friendly yet effective skincare products. Moreover with the new surge of organic, natural products we even live splurging few bucks more. But let's be honest, each and very proud cannot be replaced by a natural, organic product. Some products with chemicals also work well on our skincare. We cannot ignore chemicals but we can certainly reduce then by using products with lesser chemicals and trying some simple yet effective DIYs.

Today am going to share a simple cleanser DIY plus face mask plus exfoliater recipe with you all. I have earlier written a post on Oats and Cocoa DIY. This one is on similar lines with some twist and essential oils. Let's get started with it and see what all we need. Some ingredients are purely optional and you can tweak the recipe as per your choice. The main Ingredients however are not be changed. I have used this recipe daily for around 3 weeks and currently as I write this post its my 4th week of usage.

We will require

  • 2 parts of oats (finely ground)
  • 1 part Almond (finely ground)
  • 2 parts dried rose petals (optional)
  • Pure Almond oil as per your requirement
  • Rosemary Essential oil (optional)

I have finely ground all the dry ingredients and added some Almond oil to it. But the Almond oil just gets soaked up.

How I use it?
1) As stated earlier I have added some Almond oil to the cleanser. I take a small quantity around just two pinches and add water to make a paste and use it as a cleanser at night. Post that I apply my night cream.

2) Sometimes I add some Almond oil to two pinches of the cleanser and add some water as well. I massage my skin lightly and wash with water and skip my night cream.

3) I take some amount of cleanser and add milk to it. I apply a mask of it and leave till it's semi dry. I wash it with water while gently massaging my skin.

4) Sometimes I take around half a tbsp of cleanser and add only 1 drop of rosemary essential oil and massage my skin and wash it off, leaving it overnight.

The effects
1) I have experienced fewer breakouts after using the DIY for around 1 week regular usage.

2) My skin is a bit even toned on the cheeks where it is very bumpy.

3) It gives a smooth and soft finish to my skin when used as a mask.

4) It has also helped me reduce the sensitivity around the nose which gets irritated with artificial scrubs sometimes.

While using essential oil make sure to test for sensitivity and add only one drop to some amount of the cleanser. Do not add more quantity. The Rose petals, essential oil and Almond oil are purely optional. But oats tend to dry out the skin sometimes so I have added the moisturising agents. You can even take more quantity of Almonds to oats to reduce the drying effect if you have dry skin.

Enough of my blah now, let me know if you try this or are up for orders of this cleanser πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜›πŸ˜›!!
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10 Feb 2017

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VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub Review

Skincare involves many steps and one important being scrubbing. With this step you can wrong if you overdo it as well as under do it. Scrubs have evolved over the ages from delicate facial scrubs to natural ones as well as the ones for the body as well. Today we are looking into the VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub meant for all skin types.

Brand claims and ingredients

My experience
From the pictures, you can see the scrub is packed in a transparent flip cap tube. Transparent packaging helps to check the quantity of the product and this packaging is very travel friendly and hygienic as opposed to scrubs in tub form.

The product has a distinct berry fragrance and is a little thick in consistency. The scrub has walnut particles which are tiny in size. This makes more appropriate for facial exfoliation rather than the body. The scrub contains Kaolin and this is the first time am using a clay based scrub.

The scrub is very effective in terms of exfoliating dead skin cells and white heads. It leaves the skin smooth but with a little but of dryness. Since the weather is already acting up this scrub would be appropriate for summers. The skin is left a but glowing( maybe due to Kaolin clay) and papers radiant for a while. If you plan to use the scrub as per the directions of usage given on the pack, I would suggest adding some water so that the scrub isn't abrasive on the skin. If you are working on a smaller area like just nose, the scrub need not be added with water. But for larger area adding water or rose water is recommended. Overall I am highly impressed with the scrub for remove black heads and dead skin cells. The appearance of the black heads is also minimized by this scrub.

The In
  • Attractive, travel friendly packaging
  • Budget friendly product
  • Contains Kaolin, Walnut shell powder, papaya powder, Indian Berberry
  • Small quantity goes a long way so product lasts longer
  • Reduces the appearance of black heads
  • Removes dead skin cells and dirt effectively
  • Suits oily acne prone skin in summers
  • Makes the skin smooth and refreshed
  • Gives a radiant skin for some time
  • Small walnut particles make it appropriate as a facial scrub
The Out
  • Might not suit dry skin
  • No full ingredients mentioned as cream base is mentioned in ingredients list
  • Doesn't remove black heads as per the claims

Price, Shelf life and Availability - 220 INR for 80 gms with a shelf life of 3 years. Mostly available on discounts on major shopping portals. Also available in stores.

I would recommend the VLCC Indian Berberry Face scrub for its efficiency in removing dead skin cells without being harsh. The product being travel friendly as well as budget friendly will only suite oily skin. Dry skinned beauties will have to skip it as it contains Kaolin clay which may aggravate the dryness of the skin.

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8 Feb 2017

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Valentine's Day gift from me to myself

I always say 'So many brands and so little time to try all of them'. Being a skincare junkie from the past one year, I am comfortable with my skincare routine. But I always like to try new brands and innovative products. One such brand which was in my wishlist for really long time is Bon Organics 😊. I always wanted to try their shampoo, but when I tried placing an order due to some bank issue, couldn't place an order. Next day I added Jasmine water also to the cart and tried net banking and my payment went through πŸ˜€.

So the point here is that, I just randomly picked the Jasmine water and tried it. I am absolutely glad I ordered it ❤️❤️. Along with it I also the Aloe Shampoo and Aloe Vera with tea tree. Let's see how I have started loving all the three products. Yes, detailed reviews will be up soon. So stay tuned for that!

Aloe Vera shampoo
Priced at 126 INR for 100ml
Bon Organics Aloe Shampoo is one of the most effective ones I have tried till date. It cleanses oiled hair in one go and doesn't dry out the hair. Moreover the major concern of all beauties, it reduces the hairfall you shed in shower. Overall a highly recommended shampoo but still I will be posting more thoughts on this in detailed review.

Aloe Vera Gel with tea tree
Priced at 174 INR for 100gms
Aloe Vera as well all know is an excellent moisturiser, but I used it on my hair and it surprisingly reduced my dandruff. I never expected that! I occasionally use it on my skin and so far I have tamed small bumps on my skin.

Jasmine water
Priced at 118 INR for 40ml
My favorite product from the haul, never planned to buy one, but thanks to my fate and mind I picked in this one. I totally love the hydrating and timing effects of this floral water. Long back I ditched toners and totally loving the change. Moreover this water is fortified with Vitamin e and sweet vanilla which makes the floral water more mesmerizing than ever.

So this is all what I ordered. Next on my cards is their facewash range and soap range. One thing I would like to specifically mention is that all Bon Organics products are decently priced and they charge zero shipping charges across India. This seems to be the USP of the brand apart from the fact that they believe in preserving their South Indian traditions.

I feel I have already wasted so many days without trying this brand, but it's better late than never. So henceforth you may always see once in a while haul and detailed reviews of Bon Organics products.
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6 Feb 2017

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Rooted Rhassoul Clay Review

Clays are used since ages to treat skin as well as hair. Moreover each clay has some special properties and are used for specific purposes. One common thing about all clays is that they absorb toxins, dirt while reducing sebum and leaving behind thoroughly cleansed skin. Let's see the review of Rooted Rhassoul Clay

Brand claims - Nature's own awesome face mask and mud wrap. Mined in the Atlas mountains in Morocco, this nature's wonder is rich in minerals like silica, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium. An extremely gentle cleaner, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne prone skin. Wonderful to keep blackheads at bay. Will give you a soft glow immediately after use.

Directions for usage -
Combine with our rosewater hydrosol and honey for a quick and easy DIY.

Ingredients - Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

My experience
The product is packed in a plastic tub with screw top. Beneath the screw top there is inner lid to prevent leakage or product wastage. It is a very convenient packaging which allows us to take the product via wooden spoon or spatula. The clay is beige in colour and an earthy fragrance very minimal though.

I applied a thin layer of the clay made by combined the Rooted Rose Water Hydrosol. I washed off the mask after the it was semi dry, I usually do that will all face masks. As the face mask dries up the clay gives a stretchy feeling. If used continuously every alternate day it dries up the skin a bit, but nothing which a moisturiser or a cream can cure. So this would be ideal for summers and for oily acne prone skin.

After washing off the face mask the black heads on my nose appeared less prominent. My face was glowing and skin looked clear. My skin had an even tone which lasted for around 3-4 hours and white heads seemed less oily. It also softens the dead skin cells which can be exfoliated using a soft towel. I thoroughly enjoyed using the Rhassoul Clay. I have used clay based products in the past but this was my first time experience of using a standalone clay, barring Multani Mitti. Rooted Rhassoul Clay would be great product for oily acne prone skin during summers.

The In 

  • Absorbs impurities and toxins from skin (basic quality of a clay)
  • Gives bright and glowing skin, temporarily
  • Black heads appear less prominent after just one use of it
  • Removes excess sebum 
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves it soft
  • Softens the dead skin for easy exfoliating
  • A thin layer of mask does the trick so little goes a long way
  • Can be used for DIY as you like it

The Out

  • Might dry out the skin if used excessively

Price, shelf life and Availability - 375 INR for 50gms with a shelf life of 1 years. Available on rootedstore.com

I would highly recommend the Rooted Rhassoul Clay for removing the impurities and absorbing the toxins from the facial skin. Moreover they make the appearance of black heads less prominent. It can also be used with essential oils like tea tree and Rosemary to heal and cure acne. Skincare Villa highly recommends use of Rooted Rhassoul Clay.

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2 Feb 2017

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Gifting made easy this Valentine's Day! Courtesy Igp.com

Everyone wants to get their gifting right this love season, because it's February already. How fast the year 2016 went by and faster than that 2017 is already! Over the ages, gifting will never ever change. The joy of giving gifts, watching your loved ones beaming at them with happiness, is truly unmatchable. 'Tis the season of love and everyone is busy selecting gifts for their Valentine.

We all know how confusing and difficult it is to choose a gift. Today we have your gifting woes sorted! Courtesy Igp.com, the largest gifting portal of India. Doesn't sound interesting, just scroll through the website and you will have second thoughts about the website.

The website is neat, clean and mobile friendly in terms of theme and the user interface is amazing. You don't end up getting confused as to where to click and what to scroll through. Moreover many features of the website are one of kind which many gifting portals lack. For example- you can search a gift for a woman, moreover you can select the relationship else select the age of a woman to search for a gift.

The number of categories and it's sub categories makes it unique in terms of selecting a gift faster than thought. For example - if you want to gift yourself girlfriend makeup related items, simply select the recipient as girlfriend and select gift category as makeup, it's that simple.

The website also allows you to browse gifts by Relationship, Occasion and Recipient. You can also browse gifts by category such as Cakes, Flowers, Fashion and lifestyle, Jewellery, Toys and Games, Personalized gifts etc. You can also browse through country and city catalogs to send gifts overseas, I haven't used this facility so unable to comment on it.  You can also see how the gift discovery platform works here 

The website accepts online payments with Master Card, Visa and American Express Credit and Debit cards. One thing bugged me while browsing the gifts is that I found all the gifts prices higher than normal rates. I hope they also introduce a feature of budget gifting soon.....

Now what all I bought and for whom this Valentine's day? I bought some toys for my son and would be gifting him on 14th FebruaryπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Overall I was highly satisfied with the features and service of the website. Do visit them once and get best gifts for valentine's day.

NB- I was provided a voucher to shop on the website.
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